Low PC Performance and Laggy PC Games? Speed Them up and Enjoy More

Despite the fact that with every passing day, we tend to come across better, more efficient and effective technological computers, yet many of us still face the problem of slow performance when it comes to offline playing games such as The witcher, World of Warcraft, Machinarium, Half-life 2 and many on them. The slow performance can be due to a number of reasons. In the course of this article, we will focus on the reason and will also present their corresponding solutions.

Lack of Optimization

When you launch a game on a console software, it always gets out of the way. Computer, on the other hand, is saving and using resources for a number of its performance. Unlike console that solely dedicates its sources to the game, PC tends to give a certain amount of source to the game. You might think that playing a particular game in the full-screen mode means that the computer is solely concentrating on it. You are wrong! Your PC’s system is still running in the background. Programs, opened web pages and downloads on your desktop are still consuming a certain amount of the computer’s resources.


In order to increase the efficiency of your system, while you are playing a game, it is imperative that you optimize your software. To do so, start with determining those particular programs that are eating away the PC’s reserves. Open Task Manager and find those applications that are consuming a large chunk of resources. Once you are able to identify them, if you are not using them, you can always forcefully stop them. All you have to do is select that particular program and then, click on the “End Task” button located at the bottom right of the window. Below we have shown you a picture of the task manager, that shows that apps that are running both in front and in the background, along with all the details regarding their resource usage.

To ensure whether your hard drive is grinding away or not you have to look at the hard drive light on your computer. If the light is flashing a lot, it means that there is an app or a couple of apps that are heavily using your hard drive, deteriorating the entire performance of PC. Like, programs that are using network heavily are also causing your PC to slow down while you are playing games. An example of such programs includes Bit-Torrent or similar file downloading programs. To ensure speed, we recommend that you close all these programs, double check in task manager and you will be able to enjoy a far better performance of your PC.
Besides manually closing the apps, PC generally has inbuilt optimization programs. If you think these programs aren’t helping, you can always download a good optimization program. Below we have listed the top optimization programs of 2017.

  • Lolo System Mechanic
  • iObit Advance System Care
  • Piriform CCleaner
  • PC Decrapifier
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Incorporating a Good SSD

Many of the gamers are using Solid State drive in order to improve their PC’s performance, but the important question here is “What exactly do they mean by Performance?” If they are having frame rate issues, then we believe that getting an SSD isn’t going to solve their problem. In this case, their key component is GPU, regardless how spaciously SSD they buy, it is never going to make a difference. The main purpose of getting and installing a solid state drive to reduce the loading time, which occurs because the SSD’s data transfer speed is usually over 400 MB/s. This is pretty high if you compared it to the regular HDDS, which has a speed under 170 MB/s.
Another advantage of SSDs is that it has the ability to reduce hitching in the open world games. According to the Intel’s Adam Lake, hitching is basically the brief pauses in a game when the PC is unable to pull the required assets from the HD in order to match the speed of the player. There are a number of things that you can do in general to improve the performance of your PC, starting with installing your operating system on the SSD. This will allow you to access your desktop a lot quicker when you boot your computer. In order to ensure the smooth running of your computer, we recommend that you get a spacious SSD, install your games along with your windows on it and also get a bigger secondary HHD for the general storage. Doing this will make a night and day difference, you will be amazing at how quick your system has started to respond.
This might seem a good solution, but it for sure is an expensive one. For example, a Plextor M6e SSD starts is for $530 for 512GB.Also, make sure that your motherboard is upgraded before you make such a big investment in the SSD.

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Upgrade your Graphic Drivers

When playing games such as Fallout 3, Warcraft I & 2 or any other high-resolution, high-speed demanding games, you need to ensure that your graphic drivers are up to date. Reason being, they pay an integral part in any game, therefore it is imperative that you have the right graphics to ensure the smooth running of your game. Graphics driver depend upon the operating system that you are using along with the graphic card that is installed on your computer. Check the make of your graphic cards in order to check whether the company has released an updated version of their respective graphic drivers, if yes, download it. There are two main manufacturers for graphic cards first Nvidia and the second is ATI. They continually update their drivers, to boost their graphic cards, just keep a check on regular intervals to ensure that you have updated graphic drivers.

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Improving Frames Per Second

Updating you drivers will go this far! Your biggest gain is frames per second. If you are able to increase this rate, we can promise you that you will see a mark difference in your PC’s performance and your game will run smoothly as well. After a lot of experience, we have come to the conclusion that the best way to increase frames per second is to compromise on the graphics settings.
Usually one tends to run the game at the monitor’s native resolution. For most of the computers, the default resolution is 1920 x 1080, and for laptops, it is 1366 x 768. If you want to figure out the resolution of your monitor, right click on your desktop and then click on Screen resolution. This method is applicable if you are using Windows 7, 8 and 10. If you are running an older version of windows, you need to click on “Properties”. If you lower the resolution, you are bound to get more frames per second and this means better speed in terms of performance. But we recommend that instead of lowering the resolution of your monitor, you should adjust the resolution of your game. Load your required game and look for its graphics settings. Once located, you will be able to change the resolution along with other settings. Also, watch out for Anti-aliasing. AA might smooth out the jagged lines, but it also results in a performance penalty. We recommend that you disable AA altogether and see how your game plays if the game is running very smoothly, you can enable Anti-aliasing at the lowest and then increase as the need arises. Doing this would allow you to find the perfect balance between performance and games.

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Upgrading other Hardware

Yes SSD help, but there other hardware as well that can boost the overall performance of your PC while you are playing your game. Software might be able to increase the system performance to a certain limit, but it is the hardware that can truly make a difference. Above we mentioned the advantages of having an SSD now we will focus on having GPU/Graphics Card along with a high-speed CPU.

Graphics Card

We are sure as a gamer you are aware of the fact that a good graphics card can make a mark difference in the performance of your game. Once the game is loaded and you have started playing it, all the 3D graphics rendering is done via the Graphics Processing Card. Other tasks such as calculating in-game physics are also performed by the graphic card. If you are interested in increasing the graphic rendering speed and you want to give yourself more room in terms of game graphics setting, you need to upgrade your graphic card. Make sure you have bought only the best and your graphics drivers are also up to date.


We know that GPU does a lot of work, but whatever is left is done by the Central Processing Unit. There are a number of games that are CPU bound, therefore having a high-performance CPU will increase their performance. If you CPU is running 100 percent while you are playing a game, and your game is still slow, you need to upgrade your CPU. Before you upgrade your CPU make sure that you have tried every best possible graphical setting.



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