The gaming world has undergone major changes over the last ten years. New technologies have made it possible for gaming enthusiasts to play a broad range of games on their computer without compromising the stability of their system.

SSDs (Solid State Drive) are among essential components of the new generation gaming environment. With the operating system and gaming applications securely stored on a solid-state drive, the computer windows can boot faster, and the game levels load seamlessly. With an SSD in place, you will not need to have a spinning plate. SSD have also become more affordable, and the amount of storage space that they offer is increasing thereby replacing the traditional hard disks.

However, the impact of SSD on performance is still debatable. Users who experience framerate issues may not benefit much from a solid state drive as GPU is one of the key components that directly influence performance. The significant reduction in load times due to fast data speed transfer through SSD should be one of the primary reasons for shifting to this technology. Some SDDs record up to a speed of 400MB/S while some of the conventional HDDs do not exceed 170 MB/S.

By embracing SSDs, you will no longer experience hitching. Hitching refers to brief pauses that occur as a result of the application is unable to pull assets from the hard drive fast enough to keep up with the players.

In a bid to meet the diverse users’ needs, SSD is available in different sizes such as the venerable 2.5 inch SATA drives and the new M.2 gumstick drives. The M.2 relies on a PCIe interface while the best models in the market use NVMe to further enhance performance.

Let us proceed and look at five recent best SSDs in the market that you can use to revamp your gaming experience.